In The Park

Largescale Offroad


Welcome to the SSME LargeScale Offroad Racing Section. We are the youngest section at the Model Park having established ourselves early 2009.
The Model Park granted us an area of land and we have created a purpose built 1/5th off road track that complies with all international rules and regulations in place to date.

The track measures 250 metres in length with a main straight with of 6.6 m, the balance of the track 5.5m throughout all corners and short straights.
The drivers stand sits 2.4 m high and has a fully compliant disabled access ramp and handrail.
There are nine corners and one large tabletop jump on the centre straight, the wide track width and flowing configuration is very forgiving for the first timers, it can also provide an exciting spectacle when there are 12 cars all trying to be the first into a corner.

An AMB timing system is installed so all lap times and race positions are recorded making life a lot easier.

Our track accommodates all 1/5th and 1/6th 2 stroke petrol engine vehicles, the vehicles themselves are available in a wide variety of types ranging from 2wd, 4wd, buggies, stadium trucks and even monster trucks.

An example of the cars in action can be viewed by watching the following video created by Julian Fulton-Boote.   Watch The Video Here