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Sydney Society Of Model Engineers is currently taking new memberships.

Do you want to join in the fun ?

At SSME we have a great range of modellers sections with great facilities and the members are friendly and extremly helpfull to all new comers so they can enjoy the fun to.

Members can enjoy full use of the park 365 days of the year plus your not limited to one section as you can be involved in a many sections as you like.

Being a member of the Model Park you also get free entry on all open days and come and see any other event that is not open to the public. Members children can also enjoy free tickets on the Passenger/Steam railways, slot cars and garden railway when operating.

We have sections for most of the great modelling hobbies.

  • Radio Control Aircraft
  • Control Line Aircraft
  • Radio Control Boats
  • Radio Control Baja Racing
  • Radio Control 1/4 Scale Racing
  • Tether Cars Racing
  • Passenger Steam Railway
  • Garden Railway
  • HO Railway
  • Slot Cars Racing
  • Stationary steam

Sydney Society Of Model Engineers now has new simpler family membership registration fee to make it even greater value along with the fantastic value subscriptions.

Membership Requirements and Fees.

To become a member of the ” Model Park ” you will need to first come along to the model park on a open day or contact the section leader via our ” contact us ” form for the section you are interested in. Once you meet the section leader he will give you the run down of the section and give you a over view of the rules of the section. The section leader can sign the form and you will also need to be nominated which can be arranged as well. You will need to submit you form signed and your payment to the section leader or membership officer, to be submitted to the next commitee meeting for approval. Commitee meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month except January .

You can download the New member Form HERE
Its also a good idea to download and read the Society By-Laws for the Rules
of the club . Download the BY-LAWS HERE
Fees as of January 2013.

Application Fee is a one time fee and is now also known as a family membership application fee. This means that if you have 2 family members ( immediate family only) joining you would pay one application fee and the subscription fee for each joining member.

Joining from 1st July to 30th June ( FULL YEAR)

Senior = $290.00 (app fee $100.00 + yearly membership $190.00)
Junior ( 10 – 18 Yrs. ) = $120.00 (app fee $ 25.00 + yearly membership $ 95.00)
Pensioner / Full time student = $185.00 (app fee $ 50.00 + yearly membership $135.00)

Joining from 1st January to 30th June ( HALF YEAR)

Senior = $210.00 (app fee $100.00 + yearly membership $110.00)
Junior ( 10 – 18 Yrs. ) = $80.00 (app fee $ 25.00 + yearly membership $ 55.00)
Pensioner / Full time student = $135.00 (app fee $ 50.00 + yearly membership $85.00)

If your interested in becoming part of the MODEL PARK family please contact the Membership officer by clicking the link below or one of the section leaders. The membership officer will give you any additional information you need.

Membership Enquiry