In The Park

Radio Control Aircraft


Model Park members fly all manner of aircraft. At any one time you could see fixed wing models powered by internal combustion engines both two and four stroke, almost silent but incredibly powerful electric motors or using nature’s force as graceful gliders fly in absolute silence and majestic control.

Beginners to the R/C (Radio Control) flying section are encouraged to start with a sedate fixed wing model or beginner type helicopter either home built or ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) and there are several trained and qualified instructors available to get you up to that all important first solo flight. As you progress you will find almost any member is more than willing to offer advice or help with any part of your modelling hobby. After you ‘gain your wings’ you can look into that favourite warbird or super scale project you have always wanted to build.

Our field is available every day of the year and your attendance to fly, ask for help or just join in the ‘pit talk’ is governed only by your needs and the weather. We even have members who come to do nothing more than watch and enjoy.

Come and join us – there’s no shortage of air space and age is no barrier.