In The Park

Radio Control Boats


The Boat Pond, actually a large dam, measures 128 metres long and 43 metres wide with a depth of 1.2 metres when full.

The section encompasses most model boating types, including scale yachts, hydros, launches, hovercraft and airboats.

Many of the models are scratch built from plans and take many months to complete.

All models are radio controlled.

In times of drought, when the water level is low, members prefer to sail airboats, or similar models, with a shallow draught.

Running times on public open days are usually from 10am ? 11am, noon ? 1pm, and 2pm ?3pm.

Should anyone have any enquiries regarding the hobby, please feel free to ask any member in attendance at the boat section, who will be only too happy to answer your questions on any facet of the hobby.